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				<li>A fairly toxic community, originating primarily from Reddit, took a massive toll on SMPLite's management. As an example, the Discord server was often overrun by transphobic calls for violence (particularly from members such as <a href="https://github.com/Ryhon0">Ryhon</a>, who at many times requested that all transgender people ought to be "killed" for... some reason, and generally fueled SMPLite's highly transphobic culture), which proved to have a catastrophic effect on users such as Naphtha (now known as Nablachi, or Kiera), who at the time was not aware of herself being a transgender woman, and felt that many of the hurtful things said in the Discord server reinforced the denial of her own condition. Regardless, it probably does not need to be said that managing a community of over 1600 members is quite a difficult task, especially with the constant threat of things such as moderator drama.</li>
				<li>Many of those behind SMPLite's management were inexperienced or outright useless. An example would be <a href="https://wingio.xyz/">Wing</a>, who initially "owned" SMPLite until Kiera took his place. He was known for being a particularly bad web developer and Discord bot developer, and would often promote random people in the server to Moderator simply because he either felt like it or because they were his friends. This often led to many somewhat abusive people being given dangerous permissions, and further contributed to the moderator drama on the server, which often left the community in shambles.</li>
				<li>Lack of funding. SMPLite consumed a large amount of money per month to continue running, particularly due to Kiera's poor conditions as the time, as she still lived with her abusive parents, who would constantly pressure her for more money, and accused her of being a waste of space whenever the server did not raise enough money in donations on a given month. Admittedly, Kiera was probably not the best person to run the server at the time, as she was - perhaps unknowingly - dealing with quite a lot. Her ambitions to run the server were mostly founded in the belief that the server could protect her from the horrors of capitalism by providing her with something to do, a place to belong, and enough money to survive. Unfortunately, she simply did not have what it took to manage all of this at once, and often found herself overwhelmed, confused, incapable and hurt.</li>
				<li>At the time, Kiera may have been considered a less than pleasant person to be around, again mostly due to her external conditions, of which she either refused to admit or didn't even understand herself. She actually initially joined SMPLite's management while presenting female (without even realising that she was trans), and her attitude towards the server took a massive turn for the worse after she was effectively pressured to present as masculine instead. Of course, there was plenty more that took a toll on her during her time running SMPLite, and as a result she quickly became quite intolerable. Her behaviour and handling of the server during this time may have contributed significantly towards its downfall.</li>
				<li>Separation from SMPLive. Due to all of the above points, SMPLite was eventually faced with threats to dissociate from SMPLive or risk being involved in legal action. As a result, it became Fixate, a generic SMP server with absolutely nothing to keep people interested in it. Around this point, nobody even cared about SMPLite anymore - the community saw nothing in the server as there was nolonger any opportunity for them to social climb towards their favourite Twitch streamers, and as such the server died a painful death.</li>