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it's funny, because it highlights the fact that transphobes really don't know what they're even upset about. the person who retweeted this tweet (thus drawing my attention to it) had originally told me that they believed being transgender is impossible because there is no gender - "the brain adapts to the body, and there is nothing other than sex." but this meme they're retweeting - for the sake of hurting trans people - is quite literally a direct contradiction to their argument. they're trying to say that removing a trans woman's genitals doesn't make them a "real woman" but in reality they're accidentally proving that gender is a very real thing, even in other species. if you find a male dog and do *anything* to their body, it doesn't make them any less male, because they're male. in the same vein, a woman is a woman, and being born with a penis doesn't make a woman any less of a woman. the whole point is that your gender identity is how *you* identify, not something anyone else can really externally measure, and if we truly believe in freedom then we should admit that an individual is what and who they say they are. characteristics such as genitals only really matter in a medical context.

we're not denying sex exists (as clueless transphobes repeatedly claim we are), we're saying "i am a woman, but i have a penis attached to my body." do i *want* a penis attached to my body? no. some people do! and that's okay. separating sexual characteristics from gender actually greatly improves the quality of healthcare for one thing, because it makes it easier for people to recieve treatment for conditions they have regardless of their identity, or any intersex conditions they have. if you're a man and you've developed breasts (which everyone can do, regardless of their birth sex), you can simply tell your doctor "hello, i have breasts, and i am over 50. please can you sign me up for breast cancer screening every 3 years?" - isn't that so much more efficient than having to lie on your NHS GP application that you're female just to get what everyone else with breasts is getting? isn't that... the way things are supposed to be? transphobes will claim that we're pretending sex isn't real, that we're delusional, and only care about our "feelings" - and yet *we're the ones actually encouraging a more pragmatic model of how healthcare should be given to people...* we're the ones who actually accept the existence of intersex conditions and people whose identities do not align with their sexual characteristics, we're the ones trying to prevent [the death of men who are suffering from ovarian cancer](https://archive.md/pVYqL). unlike transphobes, we actually have a rational view that differentiates between what people *are* and what people *have*. hell, there are a lot of trans people i know who actually study biology and are passionate in it, whereas the most transphobes seem to pull off is selling t-shirts on redbubble for a living.

deeper still, genitals aren't even the only thing to consider when we talk about sex here. hormones are super important. while we typically associate XY and XX chromosomes with male and female, the vast majority of bodily functions are actually hormone-sensitive, not chromosome-sensitive. ever heard of [de la Chapelle syndrome](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/XX_male_syndrome)? that's right - you can have XX chromosomes (female) and be born with a fully functional penis that produces testosterone, and live your life entirely just like a normal male; this is generally due to the SRY gene[^1], which triggers the development of the testes, which produce testosterone. after that point, testosterone does pretty much all of the sex development-related work. this is the same reason a person assigned female at birth can take testosterone artificially and grow something akin to a micropenis from the clitoris, and the same reason a person assigned male at birth can take estrogen artificially, causing their penis to behave in a feminine manner.

hell, did you know that a trans woman can grow fully functional, fully sensate boobs, and even have the ability to actually lactate[^2]? yes, we even get period-like symptoms[^3] (without the bleeding, of course). so much more depends on hormones than genes that a lot of the time genes aren't even worth mentioning. there are so many possible configurations of the human body that it doesn't make sense to base one's entire identity on it.